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I’m actually home in Vermont  now. I arrived two nights ago and am still waking at 3 am for the day…. Time zones are  so interesting. Flying from one place to another, one is trapped into a time and space warp. We create community in so many ways. It takes about 26 hours for me to get home…. from 85 degree weather to 40 degree. It’s cold- but not as cold as it could be. Even though I find myself snuggling in my warm sweaters, intensely, I’m still cold.  My body is out of practice with the cold. (more…)


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This post will be brief, as tonight  I am very tired and need to go to sleep soon.

Creatin gPersonal Journals and Collage

The training is going well as the participants are very engaged. We average 3-4 exercises a day, interspersed with discussions and conversations. Of course, we also talk over lunch, and at odd moments throughout the day. Today we discussed the Expressive Therapies Continuum as a frame for holding what we actually are doing and thinking about. We also managed to work in a piece on looking at drawings from a developmental perspective. Today went pretty well! Other exercises included joint scribbling (which had people laughing!), and an activity I created  (an exercise that integrated a stimulus picture, movement, art, and journaling.) I was proud of myself for that one!  As part of the sharing I had them witness each other; I’ve been teaching different ways to share. (more…)

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Today was the first day of the last workshop for this trip: Expressive Therapies. There is such excitement in the group and community for this work!  It is palatable. Yesterday, I was interviewed  for the Deaccan Chennai Newspaper, one of a few good English speaking papers. I was reading the paper this morning and was excited to see that I was in it!! I showed the staff here at the hotel, who are curious about why I am here. I was finally able to show them what I do. They were excited for me as well, which was sweet. Eric, Magdalene’s husband, bought 30 copies for us, so I will definitely be able to bring it home and show it off! (more…)

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Bull waiting across from my hotel

Bull Waiting Across from My hotel

I have spent the last two days teaching Playback. The workshop went very well. We had 16 participants the first day and 15 the second. One woman didn’t really know what she was coming to and thought it had to do with International Children’s Day. I didn’t realize this until after lunch, as she did not say anything to me or the group while we were doing the sociometry exercises. (more…)

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Fluid Sculpture

Fluid Sculpture

I want to share a bit more about the trip to Karur:

First, about the  train: I went out of Chennai on Tuesday night, accompanied by Subashini, one of the counselors that work for the Centre for Counseling. We took a night train 350 kilometers to Karur,  a very small village where I led a Playback workshop with an existing street theatre/folk dance troupe. We bunked in 6-8 bed squares in which men and women slept in the same area. Going to Karur I was on the top bunk and had my bag in bed with me. I decided that after that night I would trust, and coming home I put the bag under the seats. I am surprised that all the blankets I’ve used in India are wool…. And I’m terribly allergenic to wool. Fortunately my allergy meds are working… otherwise it would be challenging. Surprisingly I use blankets at night.  Because of all the rain, the humidity has been quite high and the A/C helps moderate this. (more…)

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India: Karur Workshop


Village children

Village Children

Am back from Karur. We arrived in Chennai at 5:45 this morning, having taken the  night train. I have now truly done India. The trains are interesting. We had “first class” seats,  that is, the  A/C so better than in second class which has open windows and no fans. I was pretty uncomfortable fist night, and better the second. One sleeps next to whomever (well, there were 3 ft separating us…) so…. the first night I slept with a gaggle of women. The second night Subashini and I were the only women. This felt okay – not scary, as the men were respectful and kind. So I slept. (more…)

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fishing village, chennai

Fishing Village, Chennnai

Eric’s  project with the fishing village is very interesting, and sad. Eric’s project involves having the villagers tell their stories about their way of life in order to help them make sense of what they have as a village. He says the government has little interest in helping to maintain the village as the people contribute little to the economy. Also, as the people go out in their boats (rafts and small junkets) at one in the morning and stay out til 5, the government wants no responsibility for their whereabouts or safety. Also sad are the strange and mysterious fires that occur, that burn down whole sections of the village and leave people homeless. I find this an important project as he wants to help them maintain their way of life. (more…)

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