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Dear folks;

I do not usually blog about shows I see at the Flynn Center, here  in Burlington (flynncenter.org).  However, I have seen two shows recently that I have been thinking about, and trying to frame in terms of the work I do, not only my work in Bangladesh and India, but also here in the U.S. At the outset, I am impressed with the Flynn for bringing these shows. They are doing a great service.

The first show was amazing. The program was an evening of dance by GIMP, a group of disabled dancers from Europe and the States who travel great distances to rehearse and perform. GIMP created dance that looked at issues surrounding being disabled in an able-bodied world.  Using text and dance, they wove an evocative and stunning piece that explored visible disability. Following the performance, at a Q and A, members of the company described how hard it was for the company to find places to present the piece, and to get funding to develop it further. They spoke to the fact that many other dancers, and others in the dance world, don’t consider the dancers in GIMP to be serious dancers. (more…)


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