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I have been home a week now and just getting settled back into work. It is cold these days- I am wearing layers of fleecy things and wrapped in scarves.  I am aware (as I often am after a trip) of what it is like to be home- I am glad to be back with my garden (have already been out raking leaves) and how isolating it can feel. In part this is due to warmth, or the lack of it. We close our houses up and become more insular. We have to work harder to see people on a daily level. In a day I can potentially go without seeing anyone-  Other days, I see clients, then go home. It takes effort to reach out and touch someone.

As a native New Englander,  a stereotype that is given to us includes being – “Stoic, distant” quiet” “stand offish” ones that actually I don’t like nor feel applies to me- Yet here I am feeling the edges of it myself. I like to hide in my home-  I admit to hermit like qualities within myself. I like to hide when its cold. My home is warm and friendly, while the world outside on so many levels is cold and unfriendly. I find that it takes much for me to pick up the phone or to interact- I would much rather nestle in with my work and  a good book.

While in India, One heard people chatting and saw people all day long. One engaged all day long.   It is quite the conundrum actually.I find that while I don’t miss the clutter, the dirt or the pollution of India, I really miss the sense of social interactions that happened daily, minutely at times and reminded me of the need and desire for human connection. often I spoke with people I didn’t know. It was easy. It was warm.

Today, with much intention, I socialized. With the gallery owner, while she took more art. With an artist friend that I print with. With Herb, my colleague and partner in crime (He and I began the Bangladesh project in 2003). Coming home tonight,  I emailed with a friend from India.It was warm and connective.

Note to self: Connecting is a human need. And,  Warmth is generated with connection.

Right now I’m feeling pretty warm.


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