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Last month, my husband and I went to see two performances at the same theatre two nights in a row. One was seeing the “Carolina Chocolate Drops”(www.carolinachocolatedrops.com), an absolutely wonderful old time African American string band from North Carolina. Yet they are much more than that. This group  which includes a cellist, learned much of their music by listening to, and playing in the company of elders, especially Joe Thompson, who, in his 90’s still mentors them. Through their learning and understanding of the music, they manage in a joyful, high energy and stunningly deep  way, to portray and translate and speak to the complex issues of the day, be it in the late 1920’s or today. (more…)


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View of the waterfront in Hong Kong

It’s has been a while since I lasted posted, hard to believe that a year ago, I was in India.

This is a brief post to let you all know I am here, alive, well and traveling! Much has happened in the last year-  teaching, printing, doing healing work on so many levels- Taking on new roles (Chair of Board of the Centre for Playback Theatre) , including another trip in November to Hong Kong and Germany (yes, you read that right, both countries, two continents-one trip in 13 days!!:~)

I have spent much of the year here – teaching at the college, working at our therapy practice which has swelled and dipped, dipped and swelled…, Gardening, Grandparenting- A new little one arrived on July 4rth – and staying in touch with all my friends and colleagues around the world. A very full year indeed. (more…)

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In a few days I leave for Indonesia then, India. This is very exciting and also intensely challenging, as I am leaving everything that I know for a long period of time.  While much will be here when I come back, I am aware that there will be many changes when I do. My garden is full of veggies.  There are red tomatoes, leeks, broccoli, and lots of weirdly shaped (but great tasting!) carrots. We have basil, tarragon and oregano coming out of our ears.  And Mint! I am hopeful that people will help my husband eat much of it. I am also hoping to put up some more pasta sauce before I leave. (more…)

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