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Since I last wrote, we have been traveling and working in chennai, India and Hong Kong. I taught 4 workshops or trainings in India, while Michael taught 2 and presented two other shorter presentations at the Aparreo Galleries in Chennai. Its been amazing, often intense, complex and very often very rewarding. Michael has been great about writing regularly- I not so much, as at the end of the day, I am tired enough that my brain can not organize thoughts to write. To see Michael’s blogs go to Dreaming the world  to see about our trip from his perspective.


We are taking a much needed few days off to rest up for our long trip and intense time change back home. While we are doing that, we are processing all from the trainings ( 2 3 half day trainings with college students at Ethiraj College and Madras School of Social Work) a 5 day core training in Playback Theatre and a 5 day Introduction to Art therapy as part of the Expressive therapies certificate program – a collaboration between the East West Center for Counseling and Women’s Christian College. Then in Hong Kong, a 5 day workshop on using the Expressive arts with people with Disabilities.DSCF4856




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Walking along, one sees Kangi, a women’s traditional art form.  Women create this transient designs on their doorsteps. The process is a meditation,and a  means to release worry and guilt  a person may hold inside.

I past a man in front of a large bag of trash, picking out the papers for recycling. He was old, dirt smeared, and dressed in rags, clearly delit in caste. He read each paper carefully before putting it aside. I asked if I could take his picture but he was not happy with the idea. So I took no pictures. I was struck he could read, and was taking  the time to read as he did his job of recycling.

India is a mix of experiences. I find that I am feeling a lot of tension being here. India is not necessarily a comfortable place, yet there is so much to it.  I wonder about the lifestyle I am used to, how plush it is. Walking the streets of developing countries has the ability to make one feel very guilty for having anything.

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