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View of the waterfront in Hong Kong

It’s has been a while since I lasted posted, hard to believe that a year ago, I was in India.

This is a brief post to let you all know I am here, alive, well and traveling! Much has happened in the last year-  teaching, printing, doing healing work on so many levels- Taking on new roles (Chair of Board of the Centre for Playback Theatre) , including another trip in November to Hong Kong and Germany (yes, you read that right, both countries, two continents-one trip in 13 days!!:~)

I have spent much of the year here – teaching at the college, working at our therapy practice which has swelled and dipped, dipped and swelled…, Gardening, Grandparenting- A new little one arrived on July 4rth – and staying in touch with all my friends and colleagues around the world. A very full year indeed. (more…)


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This post will be brief, as tonight  I am very tired and need to go to sleep soon.

Creatin gPersonal Journals and Collage

The training is going well as the participants are very engaged. We average 3-4 exercises a day, interspersed with discussions and conversations. Of course, we also talk over lunch, and at odd moments throughout the day. Today we discussed the Expressive Therapies Continuum as a frame for holding what we actually are doing and thinking about. We also managed to work in a piece on looking at drawings from a developmental perspective. Today went pretty well! Other exercises included joint scribbling (which had people laughing!), and an activity I created  (an exercise that integrated a stimulus picture, movement, art, and journaling.) I was proud of myself for that one!  As part of the sharing I had them witness each other; I’ve been teaching different ways to share. (more…)

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