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2013-04-27 17.18.42

This week we went to see Cirque Zuma Zuma – an amazing African circus troupe representing many countries in Africa – perform at our local theatre.  Michael and I had to sit a row apart. I was sitting next to a cluster of UVM students who were out for the evening – one young man wearing a tie and four women all dressed for an evening out. (The show was co-sponsored by the UVM Diversity committee) All of the students were on their cell phones, texting. They were occasionally talking. Clearly they were engaged both with each other and their cell phones. It was impressive.

The last few weeks have been very intense on many levels. Soon after journeying home from Hong Kong  and India (you can read a lot about our trip on Michael’s blog Dreaming the World) and finishing our jet lag, things began rocking literally in Boston. As I am from Boston ( my grandparents lived 2 blocks away from  the area where the explosions hit at the finish line of the marathon- my father and stepmother, 3 blocks away) this really did hit home for me. This area was my stomping ground. The Boston Public Library, just across the street, was my library of choice- The BPL was right across from the explosions. As well, one of my sons is an art student at college in Boston. (more…)


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