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Wildflowers in Vermont

Usually I blog at this site when I travel to teach Playback and Art therapy in Asia. I have been wanting to blog more and trying to understand the right avenue for how a blog (written while I am at home) would make sense. I think I figured it out!
Last week, Michael and I taught a 3 credit intensive through Burlington College on Shamanism. During the 5 days, we taught and used art as healing, (as opposed to therapy) Reiki and energywork, dream work (and dream theatre) shamanism and healing techniques related to this. Students were taught to journey- a method of healing. And in this way we journeyed many times through out the week.We went camping in a beautiful state park, and spirit blessed us with the best weather we could have asked for. For Michael and I, the first time doing this together in this way, it opened our eyes to many possibilities about how to work, what to teach and perhaps where to teach in this way in the future. To read more about our weekend, you may visit Micheal’s blog at : http://michaelwatsonvt.wordpress.com/
I am always grateful for these new experiences. I find that I am a student as much a teacher. I do not have to travel far to see this. I am wondering how I might translate some of what we are doing in work in South Asia.


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Last month, my husband and I went to see two performances at the same theatre two nights in a row. One was seeing the “Carolina Chocolate Drops”(www.carolinachocolatedrops.com), an absolutely wonderful old time African American string band from North Carolina. Yet they are much more than that. This group  which includes a cellist, learned much of their music by listening to, and playing in the company of elders, especially Joe Thompson, who, in his 90’s still mentors them. Through their learning and understanding of the music, they manage in a joyful, high energy and stunningly deep  way, to portray and translate and speak to the complex issues of the day, be it in the late 1920’s or today. (more…)

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