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I arrived in Denspensuar, Bali, late Thursday night. My tour guide (hired by the auntie of one of the faculty) picked me up at the airport, and took me to a villa that is privately owned in a quiet part of the city. The college in Salatiga generously, and kindly, paid for my hotel in Bali. I can only imagine what that cost them. The villa, composed of beautiful traditional  structures overlooking Bali, with the Indian Ocean in the distance, was filled with magnificent traditional Balinese furniture. The  pool was clear and clean, but between my cold, and the rain that fell more often than not, I never got to try the pool.

I was alone much of the time at the Villa. There were workmen, but I never saw other guests, or even the owners, even in the outdoor area near the pool, an area meant for use by the community. There was no wi-fi, so I was in a very quiet place  indeed.

The next day, My guide (Ranga) picked me up early and we went to a (more…)


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