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DSCF4273Last weekend we spent in Bangalore working with the Yours Truly theatre company. We also had the pleasure of meeting with Fausto And Elena, Playbackers from Italy. The weekend  was one of connection between people from 3 continents, exploring themes that connect us all: culture, faith, and Playback . Our differing backgrounds created a rich experience.

On Sunday, Michael and I led the troupe in looking at the issues facing them around gender. Many deep feelings arose as the group ask itself questions about their identity as men and women- looking for a way to be authentic, and for their voices to be heard. In the afternoon, we split up into two groups, men and women. In the women’s circle we share what it was like to desire our voices be heard, for us to be taken seriously, and for us to be able to have our needs met in this process. In coming back together, the men on one side and the women on the other shared their feelings and experiences. The men playing back for the women, and the women playing back for the men. In the end, the stories went very deep as group worked to truly hear each other through the veil of cultural and societal expectations and norms. This is a group prepared to lead the way to having their voices be heard. In the end,  the women and men of realized their wants, hopes and needs were very much aligned.


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Creating a Collage

Yesterday we finished the first 5 day workshop. There were 5 women, organizational facilitators and therapists, present. Ours was a week of connecting through sound, movement, art, and drama. We also did dream work (including exploring dreams through dream theatre), and mandala and mask making. We discussed the history of the Expressive therapies, looking at the development of art making skills, assessment, and the use of metaphor. We explored ways to use the arts to access the deep well of creativity within each of us. We also considered what it means to embody a process, to bring it out in the open, in order for us to look at what we are experiencing within.  At the end, there were deeply shared moments of connecting to self, and others, in a way that promoted deep healing for all. Here is a link to more pictures, and a blurb,at the Centre for Counselling ,where the workshop was held. (more…)

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First day of expressive therapy workshop

It is now Wednesday. I’ve been back in India since Saturday. I find I am moving around the streets with more ease, going to the street kiosks to buy things that I need. (Yesterday I bought cough medicine; earlier, sponges, and soap to clean my apartment.) There are a couple of places nearby that I go to for breakfast (I often get Dosa with ghee, a traditional South Indian crepe type dish) and tea. The staff now know me well enough that I can walk in, and some one with a little bit of English is assigned to my table.

I have not learned the art of speaking Tamil;  it is a very challenging language to me, and, on top of that, not everyone speaks it. There is an interesting mix of languages here, so often people speak English to each other. Magdalene and I went to one of my favorite stores (Landmark) to buy art supplies. I get lost in their used book section. A bit Filenes basement, a bit K Mart…. its  my kinda place. (more…)

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Art Therapy Training 2009

I’m in Chennai. I spent a couple of hours this morning walking around and looking for internet potentials. It is Sunday and many Indian Christians are at church. Shops and cafes open late here, and stay open late, so I have a better chance of finding an Internet cafe this evening . I remembering a lot from my last trip, which is nice. It seems that more women are going less Indian, more Western, with fewer dupattas. While I’m dressing Indian, I’m doing in a more relaxed way, feeling less inhibited around being white skinned.

Also this morning I went to the store, got cleaning things, and scrubbed the apartment. I am staying at a flat that is part of a fertility clinic. The apartment needed a bit of work before I could truly settle in. Magdalene, my coordinator here,  is thrilled at how spacious it is and that it has hot water and A/C! (more…)

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Over all, except for the beginning (a major back up at JFK- that meant I missed my connecting flight – they say weather…. I’m wondering) the trip was smooth and fairly uneventful. Spending unexpected nights in hotels in New York and Jakarta allowed for rest (and a little sleep) which assist overcoming jet lag.

I found myself both calm, and flustered, by this experience. I was deeply aware of my internal world, which was working to process the changes. At the same time, I  was focused on just making sure I made it to my next flights. Regularly reminding myself to breathe, I thought,  “This too shall pass”, a mantra I teach my clients. It was time to practice what I preach! I bought a calling card and tried my coordinator in Semarang to no avail.  I kept dropping things, and left my sweater at security. (more…)

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