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View of the waterfront in Hong Kong

It’s has been a while since I lasted posted, hard to believe that a year ago, I was in India.

This is a brief post to let you all know I am here, alive, well and traveling! Much has happened in the last year-  teaching, printing, doing healing work on so many levels- Taking on new roles (Chair of Board of the Centre for Playback Theatre) , including another trip in November to Hong Kong and Germany (yes, you read that right, both countries, two continents-one trip in 13 days!!:~)

I have spent much of the year here – teaching at the college, working at our therapy practice which has swelled and dipped, dipped and swelled…, Gardening, Grandparenting- A new little one arrived on July 4rth – and staying in touch with all my friends and colleagues around the world. A very full year indeed. (more…)


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Due to unexplainable internet issues, I have not been able to pst my latest blogs (one on poverty, and another on a 5 day training last week working with staff from World Vision, an organization that works with Children) right now I am renting a computer at a hotel.

In brief- My husband flew in on Saturday, and has been having his own adventures- I have run a 5 day training followed by two 1/2 day trainings over the weekend- I start a new training this afternoon working with students at the Women’s Christian College, and later this week, a 2 full day training with students in the social work department. Michel and I then take a train to Bangalore. I will be working with a playback theatre company there.

We have been walking, a lot. Seeing a lot- digesting much. With luck, the internet will be up soon and I can post my observations. It is often like this. One can not be too dependent on the infrastructure- it easily collapses.

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